10 of the Best Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins for Your Vaping Website

10 of the Best Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins for Your Vaping Website

The domestic vaping population has ballooned substantially from when the CDC first reported in 2015 that there were over 9 million vapers. Couple that with the 4.1 billion people who access the internet on a regular basis and the value of vape shop owners selling their products online becomes crystal clear.

For many vape shop owners, selling their wares online isn't a revolutionary concept. Doing it effectively, however, is often a point of confusion.

How can you set up an elegant online shop quickly? How can you make it so your vaping products rise to the top of Google search pages?

If you're asking yourself those questions and you've built your vaping website through WordPress, we've got answers for you.

Below are the best WordPress eCommerce plugins you need to be using to boost sales right now.

1. WooCommerce

No storefront plugin works better with WordPress than WooCommerce.


Because it's built by the team who built WordPress.

WooCommerce lets you set up fantastic online storefronts in minutes. It offers buyers robust checkout options and gives sellers incredible control over the way they present their inventory to consumers.

What's even better is that if you have unique checkout needs like estimating shipping costs depending on a customer's address, WooCommerce offers extensions that let you add that functionality into your checkout process.

2. Yoast SEO

What good is having a store online if nobody can find it? Not good... not good at all.

To make sure that your vaping products start trickling up to the top of search engine results, you're going to want to install Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is among the most powerful WordPress eCommerce plugins that automatically update your site's content so it can more easily be parsed by Google.

The better Google understands your content, the more favorably you'll rank on results pages.

3. WPforms

WPforms is an easy drag-and-drop tool that allows eCommerce store owners to quickly build forms customers can submit. You can create things like contact forms, feedback requests, mailing list opt-ins and more with just a few clicks.

If you own a vape shop and customer engagement is important to you, WPforms is a must.

4. OptinMoster

Most people who stumble onto your website are going to click away in a few seconds. To try and catch those people just before they leave, OptinMonster is an excellent tool.

OptinMoster will target people who are about to abandon your website with special offers or opt-in requests in hopes of getting them to join your mailing list. If they join, you'll forever have a way to keep them in your sales funnel.

5. Envira Gallery

If you want to show off your vaping products in a beautiful way, try Envira Gallery. Envira makes setting up wonderful product galleries simple and helps customers get better acquainted with what they're buying.

6. Backup Buddy

eCommerce stores are targeted by cyber attackers. Sometimes the attacks are meant to steal customer information. Other times they occur just to remove you as a competitor.

To make sure that your site never goes down permanently, use Backup Buddy to save copies of your site you can boot back into at any time.

7. MemberPress

Is your vape shop is offering a membership service? Maybe you're considering sending out an "eJuice Flavor of the Month" to subscribers?

Whatever your service provides, MemberPress makes managing your subscriber's accounts and website access simple!

8. Shopify Connect for WooCommerce

Are you leveraging the powerful sales tool that is Shopify and looking for a way to integrate it into your WordPress site? Shopify Connect is the solution you're looking for.

With Shopify Connect, you get all of the flexibility that comes with WooCommerce/WordPress while also being able to sell through Shopify and its many social media integrations!

9. Quick and Easy FAQ's

The title of this tool on our WordPress eCommerce plugins list says it all. Quick and Easy FAQ's lets you set up frequently asked questions pages in minutes.

This can be particularly helpful if you have sections on your website dedicated to helping buyers use the products you sell. It can also be great if you have an area of your site where beginning vapers can learn the basics of vaping.

With Quick and Easy FAQ's, your customer support team will get pressure taken off of them since buyers will be able to answer many of their own questions!

10. MonsterInsights

Understanding your customers is critical to getting out ahead of the 1.9 billion other websites online you're competing with. To that end, MonsterInsights is our favorite analytics WordPress Plugin.

MosterInsights allows you to integrate Google analytics into WordPress' back-end and presents that data in ways that are much simpler to understand than if you just accessed it through the traditional Google Analytics portal.

That increased understanding means you'll be able to more confidently source products and better cater to your audience!

Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Your Vaping Website

There's never been a better opportunity than right now to double-down on your vaping business and start taking eCommerce seriously. Our recommendation to start building your brand and your bottom-line is to leverage our WordPress eCommerce plugins suggestions above.

Each of them will help you build out a better store and better engage with your customer base!

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