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11 Local SEO Tools You Can Implement in Your Vape Business Today

11 Local SEO Tools You Can Implement in Your Vape Business Today

Think your vape business is the best? Do you think your site is competent enough to survive?

Keep in mind that the vaping business industry is on a steady rise. Vape shops, online and offline, continue to pop up on a regular basis.

Without the right strategy, customers may never even know your shop exists. You need local SEO tools to get better on advertising yourself.

Remember: SEO is not only about blogs. It's about driving traffic to your site and increasing conversions, leading to more customers buying or subscribing to your vaping business. Local SEO is all about making sure your vaping site pops up for potential customers in the nearby region relative to your shop.

Are you ready to learn the SEO tools you need to grow your business? Read on and find out more today.

1. Google Analytics

This is one of the best local SEO tools around since it's made by Google, and it's a free website analytics tool, so once you install it on your website, you will have the means of checking which marketing tactics gain you more traffic.

Google has around a 90% share of the search engine market, so if you want to get the best tactics for getting leads and conversions, you can trust their tool. It lets you discover your customer behavior and more.

2. Google Search Console

Another great tool from the leading search engine, it's free to use and has lots of functions. It informs you if it finds errors within your website. Its easy-to-understand interface allows you to look at the key metrics like the number of clicks per keyword you have. You can also see your click-through rate when it shows up in the results page.

You can link the console to your analytics tool. This gives you even more functionality since it adds more reporting tools. You can review your keyword rankings and see which pages rank in Google.

3. Google My Business

While the business's social network platform Google+ didn't take off, it gave business accounts an edge. The search engine gives preferential SEO treatment to businesses with the social media account. They made it business-specific, which gave birth to Google My Business.

As a vape business, you need to maintain a good Google My Business profile. It helps you rank higher in local searches while giving contact information. It's an irreplaceable tool for local businesses.

4. Rank Ranger

If you need a well-rounded tool to improve local SEO for small business establishments, Rank Ranger is a good choice. It's a robust tool that does well in tracking the ranking of your keywords. It's the tool's primary function, so don't get lost in the barrage of data.

It gives you the means of tracking your vape shop website's organic rankings over a specific period of time, and it doesn't limit itself to Google since it shows other search engines like Bing. You can also see your local rankings in the Google Maps results.

5. Screaming Frog

You can use this tool as a means of doing a technical SEO audit of your vape website. This SEO Spider tool is free to use and you can do it without spending too much time. All you need to do is to put your website domain name and click the Crawl All Subdomains box.

You'll get a high-detail audit of your website's pages. It allows you to spot all problems without the need for manual detection.

6. MOZ Local

If you want to increase your local map rankings, you need citations. It's a simple mention of your business name, as well as address and phone number on another web page. You can get these citations from business directories like Yelp.

You need to use MOZ local to get an audit of your local citations. It allows you to check for consistency across all directories. It can also detect duplicates that might impact your rankings.

7. WhiteSpark

Are you unsure on how to find your citations? If so, you might need to use this tool to ensure that you rank high on Google Maps' results. This tool is great for finding local citations that might be relevant to your vape business.

Not sure how to set up citations on your own? You can pay them to set it up for you. This saves you time if you don't have the expertise.

8. BrightLocal

Like WhiteSpark, this tool helps you build your citations. The two have different means of giving citation opportunities. Use them both to get the maximum exposure possible.

9. Ahrefs

Backlinks are important to your local SEO strategy. Thus, if you need to understand and use them, you need this tool. It gives you a lot of backlink tools to build a good profile for search engines.

The tool can analyze your website and check the legitimacy of your backlinks. It's a good way of getting rid of spam backlinks. Doing this ensures that you don't get penalized by Google.

10. Raven Tools

Do you need good marketing reports? Use this tool to get automatic reports for SEO, PPC, and social media. It gets the data from tracking tools like Google Analytics. You can choose for it to make reports on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

11. SEO Quake

It's a browser plugin that acts as a comprehensive SEO toolbox, making it a good reference tool when you need to assess your website while you look into your competition and how they're doing with their metrics. The tool gives a quick audit for your individual pages, and it looks into the specific SEO metrics related to your goals. It can also do a full audit of your website to see how it's doing in terms of on-page and off-page SEO standings.

Get the Right Local SEO Tools Today!

The vaping industry is a competitive market, so you need to ensure that you're one step ahead of your competitors. You can do this by getting the right local SEO tools to help you know what you're doing right.

You can also get the help of a local SEO service provider. They have the know-how to help you more. Check out this post if you want to know what makes a vape website great for your customers.

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