Everything You Need to Know About Local Marketing to Promote Your Vape Store

Everything You Need to Know About Local Marketing

Promote Your Vape Store Video

Yes, there is something nice about not having to travel to get your tobacco or vaping needs. But then again, there's something wonderful about going into a vape shop and experiencing the sights and smells for yourself.

It's nice to speak to the employees to learn about the latest and greatest in vape devices. To find out which new brand of cigars they're carrying and smell them for yourself.

But that can only happen if you create a local marketing strategy so people can find you easily. Here's what you need to know to attract local clients to your store.

Local Marketing Starts By Claiming Your Google Business Listing

If you haven't already claimed your Google Business listing, you're missing out on a ton of free local business marketing.

Make sure to add in as much information as possible. Add the name of your business, your contact information, and the address of your vape shop.

Don't forget to list your hours of operation. Google makes it easy to change the hours for holidays and other events.

Add photos of your business. If you have a blog, throw events, or just want to share extra information, Google lets you do that as well.

When you're finished adding your Google listing, add your business to as many other search engine business listings as possible.

Add A Map To Your Website

Search engines and customers looking to find your vape shop will love the fact that you've added your location to your website. Part of your local marketing strategy should be to make it incredibly easy for everyone to find out where your shop is.

Add a page to your site with Google maps so that people can easily get directions to your shop. You can go one step further by writing down directions from several different points.

If there are any well-known attractions or businesses nearby, include that information as search engines will pick up that keyword and it will help you get found more easily.

Go one step further by adding a link to those attractions or nearby shops.

Form Partnerships

Most local marketing strategies include a business creating partnerships with other local vendors. It's a good idea because then both businesses win.

Find other businesses who share customers in common with your vape shop. Not your direct competition but more along the lines of a local liquor store or wine shop.

The two businesses can then feature each other's businesses on your respective websites. You can also share links and even go in on local marketing strategies together.

Sharing your marketing budget and customer list with another company means you both end up having more power as a team to reach potential customers than you have on your own.

Get Social

Get on social media. If you're marketing local people, one easy way to find them is on social media.

Start by choosing anywhere from one to three social media sites where your customers are most likely to spend a lot of time on. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are great places to start.

Create profiles on each of those sites. Don't forget to add the same information as you would on your website. Your social media site is another way to brand your business so everything should look the same on both sites.

Share photographs of your latest vape and tobacco products. Encourage customers to shoot videos and share them on your site.

Make sure to add social media buttons on your website so people can share your content and products with others.

Brand Your Company

Part of marketing local is branding. Your goal is to have everyone recognize your business. Branding is what will do that for you.

Figure out what values your vape or tobacco shop want to be known for. Create a logo to help people recognize your business.

Train your employees to understand and value your brand as well. Have them wear a shirt that has your brand and logo featured on it.

Branding creates trust and recognition. Even small companies will benefit from branding.

Ask For Testimonials

Testimonials are part of the local business marketing future. Google and other search engines love testimonials.

The more testimonials you have, the higher you'll rank on search engines.

But customers are why you really want to add testimonials to your local marketing strategy. Customers read testimonials before they make a decision to buy a product.

Testimonials and reviews help build automatic trust and add instant credibility to your business. People trust reviews that others have left.

You can set up a page on your website where people can easily leave testimonials. You can feature them on social media.

Search engines like Google are also great places to have people leave testimonials as well. It's easy to set up an e-mail campaign asking your customers to leave you a review or testimonial.

And you only need as few as five for people to start paying serious attention to your vape shop.

Get Involved In Your Community

One of the local marketing strategies that are highly effective is just getting involved with your own community. You can do that in a few different ways.

There are usually a few networking opportunities in any town. Check on sites like MeetUp.com or EventBrite.com to find out what's going on nearby.

Another great idea is to sponsor a local event or sports team. It's a great way to do some good for your community while building up brand awareness.

You can also throw an event in your store to attract more people to stop by. Go one step further by live streaming it on your website and/or social media sites so everyone gets a chance to view your store.

Let Us Be Your Wholesaler

We love supporting local vape and tobacco shop businesses, no matter where they are located. That's why we're dedicated to your success.

With a little local marketing and some help from us, your business will become successful in no time. To learn more about starting your own vape business, keep coming back to read our blog articles.

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