Healthier Habits: Why You Should Market Your Vape Shop to People Who Want to Quit Smoking

70% of smokers are searching for a way to kick the habit.

They are well aware of the risks that smoking cigarettes can pose to their health.  Yet, the trouble is that smoking has become such a staple of their everyday lives.

Here's where vaping to quit smoking comes in. It offers a healthier alternative that can make it easier for people to stop smoking. It can also help vape shops tap into a new target audience to grow their business. 

Here's the lowdown on why you should market to those looking to stop smoking cigarettes.

A Healthier Habit to Change Your Lifestyle  

Vaping is 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. This in itself makes it easier for people to say goodbye to smoking. 

Yet most of the public remains unaware of this fact. So, it's up to the vaping community to build more awareness of how to quit smoking with vaping. 

Public health organizations aren't shy about sharing all the dirty little secrets of what lurks inside tobacco cigarettes. Consumers are well aware of the chemicals and carcinogens that cigarette manufacturers use. Yet, smoking is one of the top 3 hardest habits to quit, thanks to the nicotine. 

A Dose of Nicotine Without All the Toxic Chemicals

Vaping provides the same nicotine "fix" without all the harmful additives in cigarettes. E-cigarettes got invented by a pharmacist who lost his father to lung cancer, as a result of smoking cigarettes. 

Those who switch to e-cigarettes gain better health, hygiene, and physical appearance. The health of their lungs, skin, and mouths improve. People who quit smoking tobacco cigarettes can save an average of 14 years of their lives. 

Vaping is also a more preferred method for non-smoking family members. As well as the general public. E-cigarettes don't emit smoke, which is why it remains legal to vape in public.   

Most ex-smokers prefer switching to the JUUL e-cigarette brand. They enjoy the consistency, size, and find that it offers the same pull of a traditional cigarette.  

This presents a healthy alternative for those who have lived much of their life with a smoking habit. Making it easy for your vape shop to market options for the best e-cig to quit smoking. Other's choose an even more health conscious route altogether and replace the nicotine juice. Check out this website for more.

A Reason Behind Declining Smoking Rates

Fewer people in America are smoking traditional cigarettes than ever before. Smokers make up about 14% of the population, compared to the 42% back in the 1960's. Yet, this still leaves about 30 million adults looking for a long-term solution to quit smoking. 

Those who vape to quit smoking may be behind the declining smoking rate. We live in a time where people remain concerned about health risks and seek healthier alternatives for a longer lifespan. This is why vaping gets promoted in other countries, like England, as a way to stop smoking. 

Vaping still fulfills the emotional and social needs of smoking. Yet it can help smokers who have already tried other methods of quitting, like patches, prescriptions, and gum. With a vaping alternative, they won't experience withdrawal symptoms or weight gain. 

Cutting Back on Cigarette Consumption 

Vaping can also help those looking to cut back on regular cigarette consumption. Heavy smokers can turn to vape pens throughout the day while at work or in public. This helps to reduce the number of tobacco cigarettes that get smoked each day. 

Those who switch to vaping also do so to avoid less risk of a relapse. 80% of new e-cigarette smokers worry they will relapse back to cigarettes if they stop vaping.  

E-cigarettes are even helping smokers with no intention of quitting. Many have tried vaping on a whim and ended up enjoying it more than tobacco cigarettes. They make the switch for health reasons and convenience. 

How Cost and Convenience Come Into Play

Compared to regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes are cheaper and more convenient to use. This is a great marketing tactic for consumers who are looking to cut costs on their smoking habit. 

Vaping also gets preferred as you can take a puff or two rather than smoke an entire cigarette. It gives the user more control over when and where they can smoke. The ability to adjust vape settings and flavors is a huge convenience to new e-cigarette smokers.

They can also control the amount of nicotine they are getting. This is helpful for those who are long-term smokers and have built up a high tolerance to nicotine. They can work to lower nicotine strength over time. 

Another of the best vape to quit smoking reasons is that they are odor free. You can smoke them in public without offending friends, coworkers, or family members. 

More Options = More Marketing Potential

When you start marketing to people who want to quit smoking, you're gaining new customers for life. It's an opportunity for vape shops and dispensaries to reach new customers.  

Compared to traditional cigarettes, vape customers enjoy the number of options available on the market. Although the tobacco flavor remains the most popular, there are countless other flavors that appeal to vapers. You can also market different vape brands and vaping techniques to spur sales for your online shop or store. 

Social media, online ads, and email marketing campaigns are great marketing tips to reach this audience. It's also a great idea to begin blogging on your website to increase your own SEO to reach online customers.

People using Google to search for e-cigarettes has shown a significant increase over the past few years. It's also well-outperforming searches for other alternatives to quit smoking. 

Helping to Protect Younger Generations 

It's important to steer marketing efforts away from adolescents. There is much debate about how vape juice flavors appeal to younger generations. 

Yet, vape flavors get enjoyed by adults of all ages. Yes, vaping is less harmful than cigarettes. But it's the vape shops' responsibility to try and avoid teens from buying their products. 

Always use age restrictions on your website. Any targeted ads or social media pushes should not get geared towards younger audiences. 

Vaping to Quit Smoking: Expanding Your Target Audience  

So, ready to use vaping to quit smoking as a marketing tactic? It can help increase business and reach a new target audience. 

Be sure you are not ignoring this important demographic as you could be missing out on some serious sales potential. It's time to update your digital and grassroots marketing plans to reach tobacco smokers looking to quit. 

Here are more vaping benefits to share with your current and potential customers to boost sales. 


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