How to Build a Social Media Presence for Your Vape Business

Social media and SEO go hand in hand when you know how to use the digital tools available to you. Unfortunately, not all business owners understand this. It's not easy to deep-dive into digital marketing when you have a business to run.

Between motivating your team and hiring new people, and sticking to your budget and releasing new products, the time to sit down and build a social media presence is hard to find. But, you can't put this off any longer. If you have yet to start building your online footprint, now is the best time to get to work.

Not sure where to begin? Keep reading for all the social media tips you need to improve your vape company's online performance!

Choose Your Channels Carefully

Just as it's necessary to research hosting platforms before setting up your domain, you need to find out a little more about each social media channel before opening an account. Think about your ideal consumer and which channel they use the most.

Is this person more likely to engage with you on Facebook or do they want to see videos on YouTube? Are they spending more time on Twitter or on Instagram?

Such details are crucial to your social media strategy. When you get things started on the right foot, the growth you're looking for is easier to obtain. However, don't commit to one social channel alone; it's best to have 2-3 accounts from the get-go.

This lets you catch the eyes of users much more effectively. Instead of banking on one social media account to carry your digital presence, you're able to expand your audience by combining your efforts across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, for example.

The combination of social media platforms you get started with is up to you. But, the need to invest your time in such marketing strategies is an absolute must.

Learn the Rules and Follow Them

As you're setting each account up, remember there are certain rules to follow as a vape company. Social media platforms can be a little tricky when it comes to funding ads for vaping.

You may have to get creative with your product placing and the terminology used as well. A great alternative to help you get your brand out there is to invest in social media influencers and ambassadors. These are people who you can pay to talk about your products rather than having to fund ads.

In a perfect world, you'd invest in both. However, sometimes it's a matter of funding that makes you pick and choose which social media growth strategy to use, in addition to the barriers placed on vaping companies.

Engage Every Single Day

Whether you're successfully able to schedule and run all your ads or you like the thought of partnering with influencers, you still need to engage with your audience. Someone needs to be signing into the company's social accounts every day and interacting with users.

This means commenting back on what people have said, liking others' photos and following more accounts, and reaching out to leads or potential partners via direct messages. All of this contributes to the ongoing social conversation you should be trying to maintain.

Other great engagement tactics include posting stories and going live with them from time to time. Live stories can be just because, to host a Q&A, to show off a cool vaping trick, or to talk about/share a big announcement.

Keep in mind that engaging sometimes means mending a subpar experience. Social media users aren't afraid to write a comment or review when they've been disappointed by your products or customer service (or both!). The good news is, though, you have the opportunity to respond and turn a negative situation around.

Not only does this mend a wounded relationship with one customer, but it shows your entire audience that you value each person who does business with you. Reviews play a big role in social media and SEO as a whole, so you have to be on top of them as they come through.

Have Fun

Last but not least, be sure to have fun! Growing your social media presence requires a lot of strategic thinking and analyzing data, but at the end of the day, it's meant to help you create long-lasting connections.

The best way to do this with your users is to be genuine with them. Show off your brand in a way that is professional yet approachable. Don't be afraid to sound more like a friend and less like an industry expert, either.

There's a significant amount of value in relaxing and letting users see what the company is all about. This applies to everything you do on social media.

Write copy that is relaxed yet informative. Post pictures that are on-brand but still fresh and exciting. Use your story to ask random questions and be spontaneous with users rather than planning everything out.

These are truly organic moments, and they often create the best results. If you're ever in doubt about what to post or how to say something, make it fun and users are sure to pay attention.

Building a Social Media Presence from Scratch

It's one thing to grow a social media presence from a few hundred followers to 1,000, but it's another to get the momentum going from scratch. If you don't have a social media presence at all, you need to get started right away.

More than that, you need professional help to make your online performance really take off. That's where we come in. Click here to see how our industry knowledge of vaping and SEO experts can provide your business with the support it needs.

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