Puffing Presents: 8 Tips to Market Your Vape Products As Holiday Gifts

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are projected to spend more than $720 billion on holiday gifts this year. That would represent an increase in holiday spending of almost 5% when compared to the holiday spending done in 2017.

Do you want to make sure your vape shop gets a small piece of that pie? If so, you should do everything in your power to push your vape products in the direction of consumers as the holidays draw closer.

There are many ways in which you can market your vape products as holiday gifts. Check out 8 marketing tips your vape shop should use this Christmas season.

1. Figure Out Which Vape Products You Want to Market the Most

Before you begin marketing vape products as holiday gifts, you should go through your inventory and pick out products you think would work best as presents.

Ideally, you should choose some of your more simple and straightforward products for your holiday sales. You're likely going to be attracting some customers who don't know much about vaping (more on that later!), and the last thing you want to do is confuse them with complicated products.

Your goal should be to put together a large collection of items you've handpicked for your customers to use as holiday gifts. It'll take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation for them and let them know they're purchasing a product their friends or family members will like.

2. Plan to Discount Products During the Holidays

Everyone loves a good sale. If they see something that normally costs $20 on sale or, better yet, on clearance for just $10, there's a much better chance they'll buy it.

With this in mind, you should plan to discount the vape products that you're going to put in front of your customers during the holidays. Crunch the numbers and come up with prices for your products which make sense for both you and your consumers.

3. Feature Products Prominently on Your Website

Once the holiday season gets underway, your vape shop's website should undergo a huge transformation. You should give it a makeover to look like a place where people want to shop for holiday gifts.

Outfit your website with Christmas trees, bows, holiday lights, and whatever else you need to let people know that you're in the spirit. Then, create a special section on your site where you have a long list of great "holiday deals."

Make it super simple for consumers to track down the products you've discounted for the holidays. This will help steer them in the right direction when making gift purchases.

4.  Use Social Media to Show Off What You Have to Offer

If you're going to run a successful vape shop, you 100% need to have social media accounts for your company. You should already have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other platforms you enjoy using.

Utilize social media each and every day during the holiday season to show off the vape products you have in stock (and on sale!) for your customers. Feature everything from photos of your products to how-to videos about vaping.

And of course, include links to your product pages whenever you showcase something on social media. This should help drive traffic to your website.

5. Plan to Hold Special Flash Sales Throughout the Holidays

One way to build up your vape shop's follower count on social media is by holding special flash sales throughout the holiday season.

Encourage people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. by telling them that you'll be holding at least one flash sale every day between now and Christmas. During that flash sale, you can sell vape products at deeply discounted rates and drum up interest in your shop.

If nothing else, this should leave you with more social media followers at the end of December than you had at Thanksgiving time.

6. Promise to Include Freebies With All Orders

The only thing people enjoy more than a good sale is a good sale which includes freebies along with it.

If you want to entice people to buy vape products as holiday gifts, offer to throw in a freebie with each and every order. This will make people feel like they're getting more value from your vape shop and motivate them to buy products from you.

7. Prepare to Educate Some Consumers About Vaping

There are undoubtedly going to be some consumers who visit your vape shop or your vape shop's website during the holiday season who don't know anything about vaping. They're just there to pick up something for a friend or family member.

You might need to spend some time talking to these consumers about vaping and steering them towards the vape products they should be buying.

It's important to make these people feel comfortable throughout the process. Otherwise, they might bring their business to a different vape shop who is a little bit more accommodating.

8. Make Sure You Can Ship Products to Customers Quickly

It's probably not going to be possible for you to offer same-day shipping like some of the big retailers when customers place orders throughout your website. The average vape shop simply isn't equipped to do it.

But it also shouldn't take you more than a few days at most to get your vape products from your shop into the hands of your customers. Come up with a way to ship items as quickly as you can without making people pay extra for it, and you'll please customers with your shipping practices.

Start Marketing Your Vape Products for the Holidays Now

There are less than six weeks to go until December 25! This means if you haven't started marketing your vape products already, your vape shop is at risk of falling behind and missing out on profits.

Change that today by putting some of the marketing tips listed here to good use. You'll find that consumers will respond well when you make an effort to market your products effectively.

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