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SEO Tips for Beginners Looking to Boost Traffic to Their Vaping Site

There are almost 200 million active websites on the Internet today. You're not competing with them all. But if you're in the vaping industry, competition is fierce.

One of the biggest revenue generators for ad placement is Facebook (FB). But not if you're a vaping business. FB prohibits ads for any type of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

This makes marketing challenging, but not impossible. If you're a beginner in the vaping industry, how do you drive traffic to your new site?

Keep reading to learn some SEO tips for beginners that'll get traffic to your site!

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal is for your website to show up in any search engine when someone does a search for your product or industry. You want your site to be at or near the top of the search results page.

There are numerous elements involved in SEO. But follow these guidelines for beginners, and you'll see your traffic increase.


If your store isn't on HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), stop everything and do this first.

When Google indexes your site, if you're not on HTTPS, you'll get penalized. That means Google will mark your site as "not secure." You can't afford to have a site that isn't secure. Your customers can't afford it either.

Even customers who don't know a lot about technology won't give their credit card to a site that isn't secure. But, it's not only the credit card page that needs to be secure now. The entire site must display HTTPS in the web browser.

Speed Demon

Now make sure your site loads fast. If the site doesn't load within a couple of seconds, many users "bounce" away to a competitor's site. A high bounce rate is your enemy.

Make sure your home page loads fast and works well on mobile devices. More people than ever use their smartphones and iPads for web browsing and purchases. Don't make your users wait while a bunch of slow-loading images creep their way onto the page.


Keywords are the words that users look for when searching the Internet. Users look for words such as "vape," and "vaping" if they're looking for a site like yours.

Go to a Google search page and type in words relevant to your website. Google automatically auto fills other potential search words. Related searches also show up in the bottom of the page.

This is a great way to find good keywords for your content.

Make sure your blog posts contain appropriate keywords but don't overstuff them. Use them naturally within the content of your site.

Image Loading

Write alt text for all your images. Otherwise, Google doesn't know what your images are. The text alerts Google that your images are relevant to your content.

Always include an image caption. The caption is a good place to give credit to the owner or source of the image.

Valuable New Content

Now your website is secure and it loads fast. What next?

It's not enough to put up a website and add a bunch of products to a web page. You need valuable content that draws consumers to your site.

One of the best ways to add value is through a blog.

Update your blog on a regular basis, such as once or twice a week. Try to publish posts on the same day of the week so users know what to expect.

Write posts that are entertaining, insightful, and informative. Help new users with "how to" articles, and "beginner's guides." People appreciate useful information that speaks to their level.

Improve Your Inbound Links

Good inbound links drive traffic to your website. To rank high with Google, get links that are both popular and trustworthy. Google's mission is organizing the world's information and making it accessible to everyone.

That means your content must be well organized and useful to the sites that link to you. People shouldn't have to search your site to find what they're looking for. Make your navigation clear and understandable.

Great content can't be stressed enough. If you provide valuable content, users tell their friends about it. This drives more people to your site.

Declutter Your Site

Decluttering goes along with organizing. When a user comes to your site what do they see? Do they have to search for the latest blog post or do they find it easily?

Don't bombard the user with tons of images.

Use a few relevant and beautiful visuals. Use lots of white space so it's easy to see what you're offering.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

When someone finds your website on a search page, you want them to click on it!

Write enticing meta descriptions that are specific and relevant to your keywords. Most users won't click on the paid ads that appear at the top of a search return. This makes your description all the more valuable.

Grow Your Email List

Use an opt-in form to ask your users for their email address. The best way to get a user to give you his email is to offer something in return. You can offer a coupon or a freebie, such as a downloadable ebook.

Never send anything to the people on your email list that doesn't add value. Create an informative newsletter and send it on a regular basis.

SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO is challenging for everyone. Don't let that stop you from working on it!

You can have the best website in the world, but if it isn't optimized for search engines, users can't find you.

Use these SEO tips for beginners and you'll notice a difference in your website traffic. It takes time to build a following. Don't fall for the tricks and don't pay for a bunch of backlinks that Google could penalize you for next month.

Make your site the authority when it comes to vaping. Establish your site as the most trustworthy, add value to the vaping world, and the traffic will come!

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