Social Media Marketing Tactics to Boost Sales at Your Vape Shop

You've mastered local SEO, have a killer website design, and you love the people you've hired to work at your vape shop. 

The only place where you feel like you're seriously lagging behind your competitors is on social media. 

Unfortunately, it's also the most important place. 

Not only do close to 80% of consumers use social media to ask their favorite brands questions and even complain about issues with orders, but most people also learn about new products because of social media. 

If your vape shop's social media marketing tactics just aren't as strong as you'd like them to be, you need to read this post. 

In it, we'll tell you everything you need to know about succeeding on social media.

1. It's All About the Hashtags

Hashtags (#) are how customers find you on social media. 

You include them in your posts so that you'll show up in the feeds of the people who are the most likely to buy your products, and to increase your social media ranking by telling the algorithm more about what you sell. 

Study up on some of the most popular hashtags in the vaping industry and in your local community. 

Then, make sure you include many of them in your posts. 

Hashtags like #vape, #vaping, #vapelife, #vapeclouds, #boxmod, and #vapetricks, for example, are all ones you ought to consider, as they're some of the most popular vaping hashtags. 

2. Share Only High-Quality Photos

You can have the greatest social media tactics in the world, use all the right hashtags, and have some seriously epic products to feature. 

But, if you don't have high-quality, attention-getting photos, then you don't have anything. 

Read articles on how to improve your social media photography skills, take photography classes online or in-person, or simply hire a professional to shoot your images for you.

This post on the best tips for taking photos for social media is a great place to start. 

3. Connect with Influencers

Influencer advertising is one of the most popular social media marketing tactics out there -- and it's not hard to see why. 

Influencers are people with a large following on social media within your given industry/niche. They have significant "influence" over which products will become popular, where to buy those products, and pretty much everything else. 

If you work with influencers, you're showing your customers that they're buying from a vape shop that is in good standing with the vape community as a whole and that you know the most important people in it. 

Check out this site to learn about upcoming vaping events that will allow you to connect with influencers within the vaping community (and to have the chance to promote your shop in person!) 

For example, you could ask the winner of a vaping contest, the host of a vaping event, or a famous vape juice brand owner to upload a few pictures of themselves using your products or post about how awesome your shop is.

4. Brand Your Posts

Not all social media marketing tactics have to be complicated. 

When you upload your posts, we strongly suggest that you include a small picture of your logo in the corner, or that you simply type your handle in the bottom corner of the photo itself. 

Unfortunately, lots of disreputable companies and people do try to steal photos from successful brands and pass them off as their own. Including your brand's name somewhere in the photo makes this impossible. 

Plus, even if your followers are screenshotting your posts and sharing them with friends ethically, they may forget to tag you or include your handle. If you put it in your posts already, you've done the work for them -- and you'll increase your follower count as a result. 

5. Respond to All Comments

Failing to respond to or like comments users leave on your vape shop's account is the death knell of social media tactics. 

Users took the time to write you a comment, and over 80% of users say that they expect brands to respond to their comments within 24 hours of the original posting time. 

Responding doesn't just remind your customers how much you appreciate them. It also helps them to feel like the shop they know, love, and often buy things from knows exactly who they are and thinks they're just as awesome. 

In short: people want to be recognized by the brands they like. 

Especially if someone has tagged your shop's handle in one of their photos, we strongly suggest that you share their post on your own account.

6. Leave Lots of Comments

The majority of social media network marketing takes place in the comments section -- your own and everyone else's. 

Follow popular hashtags and frequently like and comment on the pictures your market has uploaded to their own accounts. Get involved in conversations on Twitter, or voice your opinion about a product in response to someone's Facebook status. 

Don't go the "spammy" route with comments like "Cool pix check out my account" or "follow4follow." Instead, be genuine, and make a comment that's directly related to the photo itself. 

For example, if someone uploads a video of them doing a vape trick, comment something like, "It took me forever to master this one, you've done it perfectly -- I'm impressed." You don't even have to mention your shop or products at all (in fact, it may seem more genuine if you don't.)

You'll have a like, response, and probably a new follower in no time. 

Yes, it's time-consuming, but it's well worth it in the end. 

7. Try a Giveaway 

Want to clear out a bit of extra stock in your vape shop and get tons of new followers and comments at the same time? 

There are few better ways to do exactly that than by hosting a giveaway on social media.

Product giveaways are one of the most popular and effective promotional tactics because they help you to find your target market on social media, increase your follower count, and increase consumer trust and loyalty. 

Post a picture of the product on social media (new vape juice flavors are especially popular giveaways) and then instruct users to either follow you or tag three friends in the comments section of the post to be entered into the giveaway. 

When you choose the winner, make sure you tell them to upload a picture of themselves using the product to their own social media accounts and to tag you in it (though they'll likely do this without needing to be reminded.) 

Now, you've got yourself an unofficial brand ambassador, tons of new followers, and much more likes and views than before -- since people want to know when the next giveaway will be.  

8. Develop a Consistent Aesthetic 

One final tip when it comes to mastering effective social media tactics?

Make sure that your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social networking sites you use have a consistent aesthetic. 

This starts with using the same profile picture for all your accounts (generally, your vape shop's logo is the best option.) This ensures that your customers are able to recognize your shop's accounts the moment you show up in their feeds, and it also increases your overall brand recognition. 

But having a consistent social media aesthetic is about much more than just your profile picture.

You also need to take a look at the photos you're uploading. Is there a similar vibe and feel to all of them? Do you use the same or similar backgrounds, especially when you're shooting products? Are your photos a good reflection of not just your branding strategy, but also your target market? 

To make sure you get this right, sit down with your team and have everyone write down two or three words they'd use to describe your vape shop. To get an even better description, ask your market themselves through a social media poll or question post. 

Then, see which words come up the most frequently -- these words should become the foundation of your aesthetic. Consistency is key in all advertising, but especially on social media. 

Users follow you because they like your specific, unique content. Make sure you continue to deliver it to them. 

Get More Followers for Your Vape Shop with These Social Media Marketing Tactics

We also suggest that you study up on popular social media marketing blogs -- and that you keep checking back in with our own -- for more tips and tricks on how to grow your vape shop's social media presence. 

Still, even the greatest social media marketing tactics in the world don't make up for quality, unique, and in-demand products.

Want to know where to get them?

That's where we come in. 

Whether you're looking for quality vape mods, e-juices, pods, or even if you want to get into dropshipping within the vaping industry, we've got you covered. 

Browse through our incredible products to learn more about what we have to offer, and make this your vape shop's most successful year ever. 


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