Spreading the Word: SEO Off-Page Techniques for Vape Shops

The average small business is spending around $75,000 a year on digital marketing, but not every company has that kind of money. Those companies that invest that amount need to make every dollar count. With a few clever SEO off-page techniques, you can ensure that people find out about your vaping company without going into the red.

Here are five techniques you should try this year.

1. Create a Strong Brand

When you're looking to build a strong search engine optimization technique, start inside your own offices. Before you tell the world who you are, figure it out for yourself. When you have a strong brand, potential clients and customers will know who you are before you have to introduce yourself.

Write the story of your brand, describing who you are, what space you want to take up in the industry, and what you have to offer. Your vaping brand needs to set itself apart from the other brands out there. The vape market is crowded, so its vital for you to work on building a brand that sticks around and people remember.

When you have a strong brand, people will see your name attached to a product and immediately be won over. A strong brand builds authority online. Brand authority is a powerful SEO technique and impossible to buy.

Brand authority will make other leaders in your industry seek to connect to you and your products. Carrying your products will lend their own sites weight and ensure that their own clients and customers trust them.

2. Submit Your Best Articles to Niche Sites

If you're working on creating a blog for your site, you're on the path to having strong on-page SEO. When people use a search engine, they're looking for the answer to a question or a specific product or service. With a blog, you can answer questions where the solution to problems turns out to be your products and services.

Lots of strong content builds an audience and ends up at the top of search results, even when the content is commercial.

If you've created some content that has done well with your audience, you should submit it to sites that lead the vaping industry. When you make your voice heard in those major public forums, you can tell people how valuable you are to the industry.

Niche sites, even the most popular, are constantly on the search for new useful content. Good writing doesn't come for free and owners of those websites know that. When you provide content, even linked to your own site, those niche site owners won't mind because the content you're providing is so strong.

3. Provide Renowned Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most powerful tools when building off-page SEO. When you give great customer service, the rewards don't seem as obvious but they will arise sooner or later. When the press finds their way to your company, those years of providing great customer service will convince new customers and clients of your worth.

One bad customer service event can cause a meltdown for a brand. When United Airlines staff pulled a paying customer off their plane in recent years, the brand got dragged online and on social media. Because those moments get shared for years, it's valuable to have good customer service.

Other brands who show off their philanthropic side have gotten a big bump for their efforts. When Will and Jaden Smith brought water to Flint, Michigan in recent years, they were all over the internet. Their unknown Just Water brand, owned by two people who didn't need the money, was suddenly a household name.

When you show a commitment to giving and providing good customer service, you'll get positive press coverage. This can get your vaping brand picked up by outlets all over the world.

4. Make Your Voice Heard on Message Boards

For niches like vaping and vape technology, there's a lot of growth yet to happen. New members of the community will have a lot of questions about how the technology works and what to do with it. When you have your brand ambassadors answering questions in a sincere way on message boards, you build your brand authority.

Adding spammy comments that are nothing but links back to your site won't do. It makes your brand look desperate and turns off potential customers. Most message boards will report links for abuse.

The best way to get seen is to add real information. Tell people the answer to the questions that they're looking for. When they click your avatar, they can find out who you work for and what you do for a living, but using every opportunity as a way to sell is frowned upon.

Be helpful and committed to helping other people learn. This will build trust and give you the attention that you're seeking. 

5. Focus on Social Media Marketing

Social media might be overrun with your vaping competitors, but it's important to make yourself known.

While social sharing of your articles and posts may give you a slight bump on search engines, each search engines rates those reposts differently. Social shares are a great way to add natural backlinks. These undoubtedly increase your search rankings.

The more active you are on social media, the more awareness the vaping community will have about what you have to offer.

SEO Off-Page Techniques Bring in Organic Traffic

When you use SEO off-page techniques, you bring in traffic more naturally than spammier techniques used by companies in the past. Rather than worrying about how to connect with customers, just being a good vaping company with good products is sometimes enough. Focus on a strong brand and you won't have any problems.

Check out our guide to SEO tools in order to get more out of your efforts.

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