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Vape Ads & More: 8 Ways to Use Video Marketing for Your Vape Shop

Did you know that 100 million hours of video get watched on Facebook each day? 64 percent of viewers are more willing to buy a product after watching the video.

If you're not already using video for your vape ads, what are you waiting for?

You're missing out on thousands of potential customers if you're not making videos. Although videos take time, money, and resources to create, they're well worth it. Your return on investment is almost always guaranteed.

There are dozens of ways to use videos in marketing. Here are the eight best video marketing methods for your vape store.

1. Brand Awareness and Storytelling

What makes your brand stand out from all the other vape companies? Your story. The origin, growth, and unique traits are what make you different from the rest.

The first way to use video is to share who you are with viewers. Show them why your company is more than just a business; it's a brand with a purpose. Talk about your mission statements and values.

Brand awareness is key to getting more customers. Video is a great medium for spreading awareness because it's easy to share on social media. Create a compelling brand story video that people want to share.

2. Educational Videos

The vaping industry is misunderstood by people outside of it. Potential customers get scared off by the smoking stigma. People with an interest still might get confused by the equipment.

You can use video to educate your audience. Discuss the benefits of vaping and how it works.

Film a demonstration of how to use different vaping parts and devices. Showing your audience how to use the tools will make them more comfortable with trying them. For example, make one video about what vape batteries or coils to use.

Show your audience how to vape, how the parts work, and other beginner topics. Then, move on to videos for intermediate and advanced viewers.

3. Question and Answer Videos

Once you have some published online content, check out the comments sections. What are people asking about your brand and products? Compile a list of these questions.

Using video, compose a question and answer segment. You can address common concerns people have or further explain vaping.

Don't be afraid to use humor in your videos, if that's part of your brand. Show your company's personality in your videos because that makes you relatable.

4. Behind the Scenes Live Video

Facebook and Instagram have excellent live video features. They allow businesses to talk to users in real-time and in a more casual way. These videos are less produced and more authentic.

Get on your brand's Facebook page and start a live video. Show them the behind the scenes of your business. Take them through the inner-workings of a successful vape shop.

These videos can also get saved and edited into a more cohesive video. This can then get posted to YouTube for later watching.

5. Interviews

Your videos don't have to only showcase you and the store. Consider interviewing other key players in the industry. Reach out to experts in the vaping world and see if they'll film a video with you.

Having someone with authority in your video gives your brand authority. In turn, you give them a promotion for their products or services.

You could also interview staff members on what it's like to work here. Or, customers who enjoy shopping at your store. Don't be afraid to include others in your videos.

6. Promotions and Sneak-peaks

You should already be doing contests and giveaways on your social media accounts. These spur excitement around your brand and spread awareness.

If you have a major contest going on, make a video about it. Show the prizes, or hint towards what the prizes are.

When you have new products coming down the line, make videos to show sneak-peaks of them. This gets your followers excited about the news and thinking about your brand.

Consider giving platform-specific promo codes to your followers. Many businesses use Snapchat to offer promos and discounts to those specific followers. It's a nice way to reward your audience while garnering their business.

7. Testimonials

Potential customers want to know they can trust your brand. Why are you better than any other vape company? Besides telling them yourself, let your current customers tell them.

Video is the perfect medium for customer testimonials.

If you have regular customers who don't mind being on video, ask them for a testimonial. They don't even have to come to your store; they could film it at home on their phones. Then, send you the footage to use.

You could reward customers who give testimonials with a discount. Win-win!  

8. Poll Your Audience

Every video marketer gets to a point where they run out of ideas. You've tried every video on this list; now what?

You should already be tracking the analytics of your videos to see what worked and what didn't. The next step is to ask your audience what they want to see.

Instagram makes it really easy to survey your viewers. You can create a simple poll in your live stories section. For example, "Do you want to see a video on the Yocan Hive 2.0 Box Mod? Or on our new starter kits?"

Both are good ideas, but knowing which your audience wants to see tells you where to start.

You can also ask direct questions, like "what are your biggest struggles when vaping?" Your customers' direct answers can inform you of a new video topic.

Want More Tips for Your Vape Ads?

Video marketing is the way of the future for marketing and advertising. Almost all internet-users watch some type of video. Most are more likely to buy a product after watching the promotional video.

There are so many different ways you can use video for your vape ads. Use the list above for ideas to get you started.

Marketing is a huge component of your business. But, remember to also stay on top of news in the vape industry to know what trends are coming in.  

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