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Vape SEO: How It Can Attract More SEO Leads

Have you ever wondered how you can get new leads to your vape shop? Don't overlook the value of SEO leads.

The fact is when you look at marketing channels, SEO leads drive a lot of value for your dollar. Compared to pay per click ads, organic search drives much more traffic to websites. That's great news for you since vape shops can't advertise on Google.

SEO is a valuable marketing tool and it can work very well for online businesses and local retail vape shops.

Read on to find out why you need to consider SEO and how to get started.

SEO Captures Leads When They're Ready to Buy

Think about a time when you've looked up a restaurant online. You probably went to Google, did a searched for a restaurant and either ordered takeout or went right to the restaurant.

Google says that people search in micro-moments. There's an immediate need to find information, but for different reasons.

There's are the moments when you want to know something or research a product. For example, someone might want to know the best vaping products.

Other times, they search when they're looking for a particular business. In this case, 'vape shops near me' would fall into this type of search.

There are micro-moments when someone wants to buy. When they want to buy something right then and there. It's similar to the restaurant example.

These micro-moments match up with different points of the buyer's journey. A typical buyer's journey is that they become aware of your business when they're searching for information.

At this point, you want to provide them with in-depth information they're searching for. It's also an opportunity to get someone on your email list.

They also search when they're ready to buy. They'll return to your site or visit your store because they already became familiar with your company when they found you in the research phase.

These micro-moments show why SEO is so powerful when compared to other marketing channels like social media. Social media has a place in marketing, but when people use social media, they're there to browse or kill time.

When people are on search engines, they're looking to solve a specific problem.

Your job is to position your vape company to capture SEO leads. You do that by providing useful information, and give people searching for your products a great experience.

Your Brand Will Make the Right Impression

There's a lot that goes into SEO. It's not just about finding keywords anymore. It's about the entire online presence.

When you focus on generating organic leads, you must clean up your website, your directory listings, and blog.

It takes someone only a few seconds to form an opinion about your business. If they see a bad listing, they'll forget about your business and move on to the next.

Not only does this approach focus on potential customers, but search engines look at your online presence as well.

Keywords don't matter as much as they used to. Here's what you should look for when cleaning up your online presence:

  • Online directory listings should be consistent. Your name, address, and phone number needs to be the same between directory listings and your website.
  • The quantity and quality of customer reviews
  • How many links you have from quality websites
  • Your website's overall structure, internal links, site speed, title and meta tags
  • Your social media presence and the number of followers you have
  • How many people click through to your site from search results
  • How long people stay on your site after they click through.

The key is to be consistent in your messaging, in your brand, and make sure your site's working properly. That consistency can influence someone to buy.

There are other things about getting more organic leads.

You also want your site to be fast and ready for mobile. Most searches are done on mobile phones and that percentage is growing every year.

Better Leads

When you get your online presence cleaned up, and you're starting to see a bump in traffic, you'll notice a higher quality customer who goes to your site or shop.

That's because SEO is known for delivering leads that convert. Remember, when people are searching for something like a new vape pen, it's because they're ready to make a purchase.

It's not like getting someone to your website from Facebook who might check out your site, and then go do something else.

Even in local searches, your business has a higher conversion rate. Take a look at these statistics that show what organic search leads can do for your business.

  • Almost half of all searches done on Google are local searches
  • 48% of those searches turn into phone calls
  • Between 30-50 of those phone calls become sales.

Obviously, you have to be on the first page of search results to stand a chance to get some of this traffic. The potential for business is huge and makes the SEO investment worth it.

The Value of SEO Grows Over Time

The best thing about SEO is that it has a compound effect. That means that over time, your SEO will get better and better.

As long as you're consistent in creating content and stay focused on providing a great experience for site visitors, your search results will improve over time.

Even older posts have value in search engines, even though Google's algorithms emphasize new content. You can take advantage of that by updating older content.

SEO Leads That Turn into Business

There are countless ways to market your business. With SEO you have a bonafide way to bring website traffic to your site. The traffic that comes from organic search has a much higher chance to convert into a customer, making SEO leads more valuable.

SEO is very complex and there's not one thing Google looks at when determining search results. It can take time to understand and figure out on your own.

Would you like some help figuring out the complicated world of SEO? Check out our SEO packages just for vape shops.

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