10 Tips to Adjust Your Vape Settings and Maximize Your Vape Flavor

10 Tips to Adjust Your Vape Settings and Maximize Your Vape Flavor

Are you a cloud chaser?

Some people chase the cloud, wanting to blow the biggest billow of vapor in the room. Others are looking for the purest flavors, wanting to get every ounce of flavor from their e-liquid. And then there are those in-between, who just want to enjoy a hit of sweet or savory vapor from their e-cigarette.

But wherever you fall in that spectrum, you'll appreciate these tips to improve flavor. Whether it's tweaking your vape settings, or knowing how to treat your e-liquid there is plenty to do, to get the most flavor to your vape.

Try Something New

Before you go to any great lengths to improve the flavor, are you using the same liquid that you have been for a while? If so, you may just have flavor fatigue, also known as vapers tongue. Try a different liquid and see if that helps.

Experiment with Vape Settings

Your e-cigarette should have a temperature setting that you can alter. When you change the setting, it alters the maximum temperature that the coil will get to. This is important because the ingredients that make up your e-liquid will taste better at varying temperatures.

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to determine what the best temperature for a particular flavor is; flavor is a personal thing so what works for another person may not work for you. Start using any new flavor at a low temperature and then work upwards until you find the perfect hit.

It is possible to modify your e-cigarette so that the coil operates at lower temperatures. You could choose to use a temperature control device, or to change the coil itself.

Types of Coil

If you're looking for the best coil for flavor, then choose an e-cigarette which has a bottom-coil. Traditionally, e-cigarettes have had top-coil clearomizers. This meant that the e-liquid had to travel via a wick to the coil. Most modern e-cigarettes have a bottom coil which cuts out this journey and improves the flavor.

One other thing to keep in mind is that both cloud and flavor improve with lower ohm coils. The best ohm for flavor can be had by choosing a sub-ohm coil. The most crucial part of the coil is the bore. A wide bore allows more air to enter which is great for producing a cloud. A narrow bore enhances flavor. The best vape setup for flavor includes a sub-ohm coil with a narrow bore.

Titanium and steel coils can give a metallic aftertaste to your vape. To keep your flavors precise, choose nickel or kanthal instead.

The Wick

Silica wicks have been used in most e-cigarettes, but there is now a move towards other materials. For a clean flavor, consider an organic cotton wick which can be bought in sheets and cut to size. If you prefer something longer lasting then modern ceramic wicks give a clean flavor.

The Juice

E-cigarette juices use a base made from a mix of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). While VG doesn't have any flavor, it does give a slight sweetness to the liquid. For the purest flavor, choose liquids that have a higher percentage of PG.

You should be aware, though, that high PG liquids tend to give more of a throat hit. If you prefer a gentler experience then look for a 50/50 mix in your e-liquid.

Air Flow

The best vape settings for producing a vapor cloud are to have open airflow. While this creates great cloud, it isn't the best for flavor. Experiment with your air flow settings, until you find the sweet spot for flavor. Just be aware that too little airflow can lead to hot vapor.

Where the air holes are is also important. It's best if they come from below the coil, which is the usual set-up in a sub-ohm coil. Another reason they're a great choice for flavor.

The Drip Tip

What does the drip tip have to do with flavor? More than you'd think. The current trend for wider bore drip tips helps promote cloud and keep it cool. But it's not a great choice for flavor. Look for a narrow bore drip tip for the best result.

Keep it Clean

You can't expect a clean flavor from a dirty e-cigarette. A monthly clean is usually best or after ever few flavor changes. For information on how best to clean your tank, see this article from The Vaping Times.

Cleaning the coil and changing the wick is also important, you may want to consider replacing your wick with every change of e-liquid and regularly cleaning the coil.

How to make e-juice taste better

How do you store your e-liquid? It needs to be somewhere dark and cool, where there isn't too much airflow. If you are keeping your juices under different conditions then they will degrade more quickly.

Some vapers go a step further and 'steep' their juice; keeping it in the proper conditions to age it, only giving it the occasional shake. Some also advocate taking the cap off occasionally to let the juice 'breathe' as you would a bottle of red wine.

Buy Quality Liquids

Not all e-liquids are created equal, and some brands will be more to your liking than others. If you can't find a wide variety at your local supplier then it's worth looking on the internet for a better choice of e-juice.

You Can Have It All

If you're a purist, seeking either the ultimate cloud or the purest flavor then you can change your set-up to give you just that. However, if you'd like to find the perfect balance of both, then that's also doable. All you need to do is experiment with your vape settings and be prepared for a bit of trial and error.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about the ins and outs of vaping, then you might enjoy other articles from VapeQuest. If there's a subject that you'd really like us to cover, then get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

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