6 Reasons Why Juul is the Most Popular Vape on the Market

With 9 million vapers and growing, the market for vape devices has seen serious expansion since the JUUL was introduced.

It's now become the most popular vape device around, thanks to clever marketing, smart pricing, and its availability in just about every smoke shop. Whether you're strictly interested in vaping or thinking about moving from cigarettes to vaping, JUUL is a great choice.

Here are six of the reasons that JUUL has become so popular.

1. It's The Most Consistent

People love JUUL because it's so easy to use. All you have to do is to place a pod inside the battery and you're ready to go. Taking a hit activates it and gets you going when you need.

What's great is that the puffs are so consistent. The high-end technology and consistency of its performance make it a dream for people who love to vape. While there are similar pod vapes on the market, few are able to impress the way the JUUL can.

It uses automatic temperature control, which is only usually found in bigger, bulkier, and more complex vape mods with all kinds of features. This temperature control means that you won't be pulling burnt hits out of it like you will with other devices.

It also uses nicotine salt-based liquid in every one of its pods. Chemically, that means the nicotine is contained with charged ions, balanced through testing that allows the nicotine taste to be ideal. No doubt, you'll feel the nicotine in the device but you won't have to worry about uneven, inconsistent pulls.

2. It's So Much Like a Cigarette

When you're used to puffing on a cigarette, it's hard to imagine a JUUL providing the same kind of draw. However, there's a very similar draw from your mouth to your lungs that allow you to feel that same balance.

When you first inhale it, you'll feel like you're smoking a cigarette. The way it enters your lungs is more similar to cigarettes than any other devices on the market. If you are new to vaping, the JUUL allows you to have a very simple transition from one style to the other.

3. The Size is Perfect

One of the great developments of modern technology is that just about everything under the sun is smaller than it ever was before. Small and discreet devices allow us to check our email, take photos, and listen to music without having to carry around three separate items.

The same goes for vaping. Rather than having to carry cigarettes, a lighter, and having to find someplace to put butts, you can now carry around one device as light as a pen.

With a pod inside of it, a JUUL is just about 14 grams in weight. It's only marginally larger than a single cigarette, which means that it can feel like carrying a pen or handling a cigarette.

Since it's so small, that means your JUUL is also discreet. If you're a club, bar, or an office where it's allowed, you can quickly vape without having to draw too much attention to yourself. Rather than those big cloud-heavy vapes that attract a lot of attention, a JUUL creates much more discreet vapor clouds.

4. The Best Flavors Around

With most vaping devices, you get offered flavors that taste fake, chemically, or are unlike any kind of food or snack you'd ever pick up. With offers like Cool Mint and Classic Tobacco, you can get flavors that taste and feel familiar without having to feel like you're indulging in something overly sweet.

The flavors available for JUUL are some of the most accurate flavors available within the vaping market. Normal e-juice will taste too sweet or be a little too intense after a while. You can quickly and easily get fatigued on vape flavors with other devices.

JUUL has the best flavors to accompany any time of day, rather than just ones that go well with dessert.

5. Great Batteries

Most vaping devices fail when it comes to giving good battery life. Your standard JUUL battery is just 200 mAh, which means that you might need to give it a daily charge. However, as there are some pod devices that have larger batteries, JUUL outdoes all of them.

It's a more efficient device than the standard vaping device. Thanks to the high-end chip and technology developed for the JUUL, you can expect charges to last a long time. And with some cases developed for the JUUL which help by charging as you go, you can charge them without tying them down to a USB outlet.

6. Solid Customer Service

Most vapes give you a 30-day return policy or a limited warranty. Your JUUL device will come standard with a one-year warranty and with support that won't leave you hanging. Customers are constantly raving on message boards and social media about how great the customer service for JUUL is.

It's such a strong and solid device that you won't have to worry about dropping it or tossing it into your bag and having it leak or break. The wear and tear they can withstand make them second to none in the vaping world.

Since your batteries, liquid, and the JUUL itself are built to last, they don't mind standing behind their warranty to replace it in case of failure.

The Most Popular Vape Device is Here to Stay

If you're interested in using the most popular vape device around, JUUL is the option you need to put at the top of your list. With its many accessories, flavors, and potential mods, you could be a JUUL convert in no time. Even if you never liked to vape, you might love to JUUL.

If you're wondering how you refill a JUUL pod, check out our guide for details.

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