A Beginner's Guide to the JUUL Pod System-Vape In The Box

A Beginner's Guide to the JUUL Pod System

You may be familiar with vaping, but have you ever tried a JUUL pod? If not and you're curious about what it is and how it works, you're in the right place!

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. If quitting were easy, the figures would be a lot lower.

For the 7/10 smokers who say they want to quit, there are alternatives. Vaping, for example, is 95% less harmful to your health than smoking tobacco.

If you can do that much less damage to your health by simply switching to vaping, isn't it worth knowing more about?

The JUUL Pod System was designed to make the switch from smoking to vaping simple and convenient. It's not only user-friendly in terms of its technology, but it also satisfies the cravings that so often send smokers back to the sidewalk for one last drag.

If you're thinking of quitting or determined to cut back, read more about how the JUUL Pod System can help you achieve your goal.

What is a JUUL Pod?

The JUUL pod was created for the sole purpose of helping 1 billion adult smokers reduce their tobacco use or quit altogether. With that goal in mind, the JUUL pod was designed to be one of the easiest vaping systems on the market.

There's no building the vape piece by piece. It's one simple device with no buttons or switches - you just plug in your pod flavor and vape.

With minimal maintenance in terms of cleaning and smart technology to regulate the temperature of the device so you don't have to, vaping doesn't get any more convenient.

The First Step

For anybody that's tried, vaping can be complicated. With coils, wicks, juices, and tanks to think about and consider, it's a process that can get confusing.

JUUL has the beginner vaper covered.

The JUUL starter kit includes your rechargeable JUUL device, a USB charger, four JUUL pods and a one-year warranty. It's ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box.

If you're looking to replace the pod you already love, they offer basic device kits as well. The kit contains the charger and one-year warranty but you can use the JUUL pod flavors you already have.

Is JUUL Bad for You?

Since its inception and growth in popularity, there's been a lot of research done on the health effects of vaping. Many are making the same conclusions: switching from smoke to vaping can save millions of years of life.

Vaping helps you quit or reduce your smoking, but how?

Studies suggest that it can take the average smoker up to 30 attempts to quit completely. Unlike any other product on the market, these pods are available in nicotine levels akin to that of a cigarette. Those levels help satisfy the nicotine cravings that are at their worst when you are trying to quit.

To help increase your chances of quitting for good, these limited addition pod flavors will not only scratch the nicotine itch, they'll also replace the flavor you've become so used to.

All the Flavors of the Rainbow

If having a wide selection of flavors is a must, there's a host of JUUL pod flavors to choose from.

With yummy options like creme brulee and fruit medley as well as classics like Virginia tobacco, you're sure to find something to suit your taste. They are sold by the Display, with 8 packs in each display.

If you don't know where to start, try the mango. According to Google, it's the best flavor they have.

There's no secret to pod refill either - you simply buy more pods, plug them in and you're set.

Using Other Juices

JUUL doesn't use the same kind of ejuices as your typical vape - just another way it sets itself apart.

Because the coils and wicks of a JUUL device are much smaller than vapes with tanks and rebuildable coils, the JUUL system uses nicotine salt ejuice. Much thinner than other ejuice, it's typically a 50/50 VG/PG.

If you're looking for something outside of what JUUL offers in terms of flavor, there is a 3rd party option that works in the JUUL device.

These Ziip pods come in three alternative flavors and contain even more liquid than the original pod, so they'll last you longer and give you more puffs.

Caring for Your Battery

The biggest complaint people have about vaping devices is that their batteries wear out. That's an expensive component to replace.

Regardless of what kit you start with, your JUUL device will come with a USB charger for charging. That charge will last you about one full day or through one full JUUL pod (about 200 puffs).

That battery is also designed with smart-charge technology. Unlike most of your electronic devices, that means it's equipped to minimize the risk of you overcharging it and wearing on the battery life.

If you do ever find that your JUUL isn't charging, it's usually as simple as cleaning the charge contacts and that charging base with a moistened cotton swab. A dab of isopropyl alcohol should do the trick.

Maintenance Tips

Your JUUL pod requires very little maintenance. That said, you can do little things to make sure you keep your JUUL is always working at its best.

It's recommended that you use a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol to tidy up the charge contacts as well as the space where you insert pods, at least once and awhile.

It's also important that you never change the cotton out of your pods. This will damage your JUUL device.

Where Do I Sign Up?

JUUL pods are a convenient and easy way to start your quitting or cutting-back journey. Not only will they have a positive impact on your long-term health, they are designed for the beginner, available in an array of flavor choices and require very little maintenance or troubleshooting.

If you're ready to kick the habit, we've got all JUUL Pod System parts that you need to get started. From device kits to JUUL pod refills, you can find everything you need in our online shop. Check out the JUUL section to learn more about all things JUUL we offer.

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