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A System That Works: A Guide on Vape Pod Systems

Fast-moving consumer trends can make for some insufferable fanatics. The insane explosion of vape's popularity definitely created a few of those.   

"Dude bro, that juice is mega dry" or "My man, what kind of coils you got in that" are phrases you wouldn't have heard pre-2015.

How popular is this industry and community? Just four vape companies generated nearly $400 million in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2017.

But, vape's rapid ascent — specifically vape pod systems — has left many of us in the dust. Consumer trends take a few years to reach a fever pitch. By that time, most people are familiar at least with the surrounding vocabulary. 


Not so with vape. This "language barrier" makes the vape community inaccessible. And that's not what we're about.

If you are feeling left out or don't know where to start your vape career, don't worry. I'm here to get you caught up. 

We're going to talk about an entry point into the world of vape — vape pod systems. 

Explaining Vape Pod Systems

The vape products spectrum varies on price and need for technical prowess. 


The vape pod hits the middle, best-of-both-worlds medium. And, facets of vape pods come in twos. 

Vape pod systems have two parts — a power system (or battery) and a self-contained e-juice storage and combusting unit. The former is self-explanatory. The latter is the "pod" in the system.

Two basic systems exist in the market — closed system vape and open system vape shops. 

Ups and Downs of Closed Systems

Closed systems vapes focus on an everything-built-in experience. Usually, the pod isn't refillable. You use it and toss it. 

This means that everything is done for you. No complicated device care; no messy liquid fills; no worrying about paying for extra parts. 

Convenience is the name of the game here. And with that convenience, nothing gets in the way of actually experiencing the drag off vape pod system. 

But the problem here is that you have less control over that experience. You have to take or leave the prepackaged flavors manufacturers provide. It's the same experience that everyone else has that owns the same system. 

Plus, closed systems tend to lean toward the more "economical" levels of quality... if you catch my drift. It's just different when a company has to mass produce a product versus giving one-of-a-kind experiences. 

Ups and Downs of Open Systems

Open system vapes offer more control and options, but not as many as the mods or other custom vape pens. This usually means that the pod is reusable and refillable, opening up the options on what can be vaped.

Also, there is some financial advantage in buying e-liquid in larger portions than in prefilled pods. You buy the liquid at a better price but have to put in the work to get into your system. 

Because there is a little more emphasis on customization, there is a mild range of replacement parts to keep your system going longer.

A key difference maker here is the battery. More-often-than-not, close systems batteries are not replaceable; the opposite is true with many open systems.

How Do I Know What I Want?  

Now we're going to walk through our top-selling pod system products to get a better idea of what pod system vape experiences we can provide you. Things we've discussed already will get a special note.  

No. 1 Suorin Drop Pod Starter Kits

The waterdrop-shaped pod comes in 10 different colors, making it an eye-grabbing unit. 

The Drop Pod is the follow-up to Suorin's Air Ultra Portable, which is No. 2 on our list of popular vape pod systems. 

The pod for this system operates both refillable and disposable functions and holds 2mL of e-liquid or salt. This effectively makes it both an open and closed system. 

The all-in-one pod is draw-activated and acts as its one tip; just one less thing to buy. 

The built-in battery is 31mAh. 

No. 2 Suorin Air Ultra Portable System

The Air Ultra is much more utilitarian in design with a no-nonsense approach and comes in nine colors.

Suorin's maiden voyage in the vape world also sports 2mL refillable and disposable pods. Draw-activated firing system included. 

No. 3 JUUL Black Device

That market-leader in vape pods, JUUL's Black Device gives everything you want with vaping with nothing that you don't need. No buttons. No switches. Just a rechargeable device that pairs with JUUL's ever-expanding line of pods. 

This is a classic closed system and is draw activated. Just plug and play. But since everything is all-in-one, you can't exchange parts. The battery is built-in. It comes with a one-year warranty. 

You can buy JUUL pods in bulk to get the most for your cash by clicking here.

No. 4 JC01 Portable Pod Starter Kit

Produced by OVNS, the JC01 is a multi-purpose pod system. It comes with several different coils to fit several pod substances. So, this is a closed system that tries to add diverse experience with additional hardware. 

Max capacity is .7 mL for this draw-activated firing system. 

No. 5 The JUUL Starter Kit

People love JUUL. This package includes one system with and four JUUL pods — an ideal beginner item for vaping. 

This package is the most popular item in the vape scene and has the same specs as the earlier JUUL entry. 

No. 6 SMOK Novo Kit

This is probably the most discrete system so far. 

The ergonomic device could be mistaken for a thumb drive. But, the Novo comes in nine iridescent designs. 

This system boasts a larger battery (for longer use) than some. Pods are both fillable and disposable. Capacity for the Novo includes 2 mL of fluids and an eight[second auto turn off. 

The Article's End, Your Beginning

If you've made it this far, congratulations; you are now more educated on what to expect with vape-bod systems. 

Everything you need is here. Have more questions? Hit up our blog for insights on vape. 

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