Educating The Newbies: An In Depth Look At The Most Ideal Types Of Vape Pens

The number of people vaping will reach 55 million people by 2021. Vaping is more than an alternative to cigarettes. It's a culture with an infinite number of possibilities of expression.

Vaping is difficult to put into a box and stigmatize because of how simple it works. There are fewer potential risks because no one holds a monopoly over vape products. There are different types of vape pens, but they all accomplish the same thing. 

Some have better power, vapor production, and design, and customization. It is up to you if you want to turn to vape as a hobby. If you do decide that you want more from your vape pen, we have some advice on vaping here.

For those who need a rundown about what vaping entails, let's start with the basics.

How Do Vape Pens Work?

Vape pens are shorthand for vaporizers. A vape pen is a specific type of compact vaporizer, but there are different types out there. Some vaporizers are the size of a shoebox, while others are no bigger than an actual pen.

Vaporizers started to take off when they became small enough to mimic the cigarette. The fact that cigarette smokers could experience the same "puff" sensation and get nicotine without additives was huge. Harmless food-grade bases and pure nicotine was the ticket to saving lives.

The process is simple: the liquid base soaks up a wick, is heated by a coil or ceramic base, and turns into vapor. Because it isn't burned into the air, there is no second-hand smoke. Your lungs also don't take on any ash and affect your breathing.

You Control the Contents

The best part of vaping is that you can vape anything or nothing if you want. You could recreate the flavor of a favorite menthol cigarette, a Cuban cigar, or vape a concentrated strain of cannabis. If none of that appeals to you, there are thousands of e-juices, or vape juices, out there.

Vape juices are natural or artificial flavors infused into a Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin base. Flavors are procured from extractions, i.e. tea or coffee brews, artificial sweeteners, dehydrated food, and so forth. You can get authentic cookies and cream flavor, french toast, watermelon, or key lime pie.

Concentrations of the two bases allow control of various elements, including:

Certain mixes also affect how your vaporizer performs, too. Advanced vaping techniques allow for impressive vape tricks and discrete use. Many new vaporizers are capable of vaporizing a variety of materials and multi-use operation. 

Different Types of Vape Pens & Vaporizers

All vape pens are vaporizers, but all vaporizers aren't vape pens. For that reason, we will divide vaporizers into three main categories. Each with their set of similarities and key differences.

Portable Vaporizers

Anything that falls into pocket-sized portability counts here. The popular disposable vaporizers take up a lot of space in this category. These are all-in-one vape pens that you throw away once all the e-juice is out.

Your introductory vape pens are often similar in size to disposable vape pens. For roughly 3-4x the price of your average disposable, you get a pen that you can reuse for years. They are made up of three replaceable sections: the mouthpiece, the heating element/chamber, and the battery.

The operation of them remains the same: click the button to activate, inhale, and exhale. Some models allow adjustment of temperature, but that's optional. One of the best things about reusable portable vape pens is the ability to choose your contents.

You can buy vape pens for herbs, oils, e-juice, or cannabis wax. One pen to rule them all, so to speak.

Traditional Vaporizer

This vape category includes both large vape pens and desktop units. Handheld vaporizers that are the size of a deck of cards are the original vaporizers. Today, these traditional vaporizers are still popular, especially among hobbyists.

They typically contain premium ceramic heating chambers that are activated through each inhalation by the user. As you take a pull, the material is vaporized and cooled through glass tubing. Users can control the strength of every hit and amount of vapor at will.

Traditional vaporizers can naturally incorporate with whips and custom mouthpieces. You can also find hybrid vaporizers that allow you to swap out cartridges and dry herbs on the fly. 

Forced Air Vaporizer

These aren't your daddy's vaporizers. The latest generation of full-sized desktop vaporizer kits are powerful and technical. Instead of a simple heating chamber or coil producing vapor on-demand, it circulates it.

Vapor is rapidly produced and collected with an internal fan and bag delivery system. This allows the user(s) to inhale as little or as much as they want. Bags can easily detach and move elsewhere for some portability. Forced air vaporizers can even use glass pipe attachments for a more refined experience.

These vaporizers combine the best from traditional and portable vaping experiences. Because of their recent popularity and size, they're marketed as premium vaporizers.

Starting Your Quest for Vaping

We know it's a lot to take in all at once. If you've never vaped before, go with the easiest and most convenient vaporizer. The best types of vape pens are the ones that are reliable, easy-to-use, and maintain. 

Shop for vaporizers that allow you to swap components for third-party accessories. Vape pens with proprietary parts are more expensive in the long run. Universal 510 threaded parts are interchangeable, regardless of brand.

This opens the door up for larger replaceable batteries, mouthpieces, and glass whips. With this newfound understanding of vaporizers, it's time to find your ideal vaporizer. At Vape in the Box, we have a huge selection of vaporizers and accessories.

Browse our top-selling vaporizers in store and grab a starter kit to get everything you need.

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