How to do Vape Cloud Tricks-Vape In The Box

How to do Vape Cloud Tricks

Head in the clouds? Stop right there.

You want to be part of the latest craze, don't you? Join the party. It's time to hone up your vaping skills and start blowing some cool clouds.

We'll show you how to perform all the vape cloud tricks you need to impress your friends. Here's everything you need to know.

Some Top Tips

Practice makes perfect. If you're new to vaping you should spend some time choosing the best vape starter kit.

That's going to mean great flavors and the chance to perform some amazing tricks. You've now joined almost eleven million Americans who vape regularly. 

When you're trying things out, make sure you're in a room with as little air flow as possible. If you practice outdoors, the slightest breeze will make it almost impossible to complete your tricks. 

Exhaling Techniques

Breathing out for longer and more slowly will help your cloud seem thicker and more consistent. You'll need to practice exhaling in a steady stream. This means letting the vapor come out of you naturally rather than forcing it.  

Practicing in front of the mirror is a really good way to learn to blow clouds. It allows you to see what you could be doing wrong. 

Some tricks are easier to perform than others so be patient. If you have a competitive streak you may want to move on to doing some cloud chasing as well.

The Ghost Vape Trick

This is a great place to start if you're new to performing vape tricks. Also known as the snap inhale, some people refer to it as the mushroom cloud because of the shape created.

Take a long, slow drag and let the vapor settle in your oral cavity for a few seconds. With your lips closed, roll your tongue up to the top of your mouth. Then open your mouth, and click your tongue downwards. This will let the vapor out.

At the same time, push your lips forward and form them into an 'O' shape. Then close your mouth right away. Tilting your head back a little will help. 

You don't need to force the vapor out by exhaling. Just hold your breath for a brief second and nature will take its course. 

The Dragon Vape Trick

Fancy looking like a dangerous dragon? Here's how. With this trick, the vapor will be exhaled through your nose and the corners of your mouth. It creates a menacing impression.

Start by taking a drag from your vaping device. Then exhale the vapor as forcefully as possible through your nose and from both corners of your mouth. You'll need to keep your lips tightly shut in the middle. 

The Tornado Vape Trick

Once you've mastered this trick you'll be the envy of those who are watching. The trick requires you to create a flat pool of vapor in the first instance. The thicker and denser the vapor the better. A vape mod is perfect for this trick.

Find a flat surface like a kitchen worktop or a long table. Then take a big drag. Exhale the vapor along and directly onto your chosen surface. The vapor needs to be super thick.

Now here's where your hands do the magic. Use them to lift the vapors up, flicking your wrist to create a tornado. You can spin your fingers too in the vapor to give a more dramatic effect. 

The O Vape trick

This isn't as easy as it looks and is reminiscent of smoking rings from a cigarette. It will require a fair bit of practice to perfect your technique. Take a drag from your vaping device and form your mouth into an O shape.

Exhale in a short, sharp burst and soon you'll be creating the perfect ring. With this trick, ensure your tongue is placed at the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of your throat.

Once you've mastered creating one ring you can move on to forming several from the same vapor. You simply need to repeat the sharp bursts as you exhale and you'll have a string of perfect rings. 

You can even try turning some of them into different shapes like hearts and triangles. You can do this by manipulating the shape of the rings with your hands. 

The Jellyfish Vape Trick

No nasty stings with this trick! It's also known as the atomic bomb or force field trick. The knack is to form a smaller O in the middle of a larger ring. Once they're together they resemble a jellyfish. 

By now you'll have mastered your technique to form perfect rings. So, first of all, create a single good ring. Then, using your hands to create some airflow, pull the ring forwards. 

After this, exhale some vapor right into the middle of your floating ring. The result is something that resembles a jellyfish complete with flowing tentacles. 

The Bull Ring Vape Trick

This trick takes a lot of practice to perfect but it's worth the effort. You'll soon be sporting the coolest ring in your nose. 

Start by creating the perfect O by using the technique you'll have learned from above. The idea is then to inhale the ring back through your nostrils.

It sounds easy but it takes time to learn how to do it effectively. Pretty soon though you'll have the created a masterful bullring.  

Add Bending to Your List of Vape Cloud Tricks

This involves creating more rings and then manipulating them so that they travel in different directions. A vape mod is best for this trick as you'll need to make the thickest rings so that they don't dissipate too quickly. 

Once you've created your ring, keep the palms of your hands open but with your fingers close together. You'll then be able to create some airflow in the direction of your ring. Your ring will then fly or bend wherever you choose to lead it. 

Become the Center of Attention

Once you've mastered a few vape cloud tricks you'll be the star attraction at every birthday party. You'll be able to use your skills to teach others how to perform too. 

Read here for more facts about some of the other benefits you can get from vaping. 

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