How to Vape Like a Boss: Cool Vape Tricks You Can Learn

It is clear that vapes are the device of the future, with the number of vape users increasing at rapid levels. If you love using your cannabis vape, you also owe it to yourself to make the experience as fun as possible by learning a few great vape tricks. 

After you have a quality vape device, the sky is the limit when it comes to the tricks you can pull off with a little bit of practice. 

To get an idea of which tricks are worth your time to learn, check out the following and make sure you look up tutorials on exactly how to do them the right way. 

1. Blowing Vape O's

Blowing vape O's is the modern day equivalent of smoke rings, and the mechanics of doing it are virtually the same. You take an inhale and hold the vapor in your mouth for a while, before pursing your lips and exhaling little rings into the atmosphere. 

The key to this trick is figuring out the right amount of pressure to apply when pursing your lips and knowing how hard or soft you must exhale.

This is a beginner level trick that you can begin pulling off with a little bit of practice as soon as you start to get used to your vape pen. This is also one of the most satisfying tricks, as you can keep blowing consecutive vape rings over and over again numerous times throughout your session.

2. Puffing Like a Dragon

If you have ever watch Game of Thrones, you seem the iconic imagery of one of Khaleesi's dragons spewing fire and smoke. You can do your own version of this with your vape pen.

It is a bit tricky and requires some practice on your end. You start by pulling the vapor into your mouth without inhaling it all the way. Hold it into your mouth and allow it to build, before letting the smoke push out of the corners of your mouth while also exhaling vapor from your nose.

This gives the appearance of a fire breathing dragon since you are blowing smoke from both your nose and your mouth.

3. Ghosting

This is a timing based vape trick that also involves not actually inhaling all of the vapor.

Hold the vapor in your mouth for a moment and let the cloud build as much as possible. Exhale it out of your mouth and then inhale it back as quickly as you can. When you do this, it leaves a trail of vapor behind, giving it the illusion of a ghost moving through the room.

This is an intermediate trick that you will need to practice for a bit to make sure that you can get the illusion of the ghost just right.

4. Chasing Waterfalls

This tip is fairly straightforward for a beginner and you should be able to do it with just a little bit of practice.

The visual effect of this is an upside-down waterfall moving upward into your nostrils.

What you do is hold the vapor in your mouth and push out your bottom jaw so that your bottom lip is more prominent. Open your mouth and gently allow the vapor to flow from out of your mouth without actually pushing it out. A neat cloud of smoke will drift upward toward your nose, at which point you can inhale that smoke as well.

What happens is that it begins giving the appearance of a waterfall flowing from your mouth to your nose.

5. Triangles

This trick is simple in theory, but very, very hard in execution. 

It starts out just the same as blowing vape rings. You hold the vapor in your mouth and puff it out gently, watching the O's take shape. Once a quality O begins to take shape, you reach your finger out and gently tap the sides of one of the rings.  

It might take more than one tap, but the key is to hit it not too hard and not too soft. When you do it just right, you will notice that the vapor turns from a ring into a triangle. 

This will require quite a great bit of trial and error because you can quite easily destroy the ring as a whole. Many people who have mastered vape rings find it hard to master that initial step once they know that the second part is coming. 

Be sure that you are relaxed as possible when doing this trick and get as much practice as you can. 

There are more vape tricks out there than you can ever imagine, so be sure that you put the time in to learn them. 

Master These Vape Tricks

These vape tricks are not just eye-catching, they are a reward for your practice as you enjoy a nice toke from a quality device. 

When you have a great vape pen, some dank cannabis cartridges and good people to enjoy them both with, it is only natural that some of these smoke tricks come into play. You will be ready to go when you use these tips and master them to the best of your ability. 

If you take the time to get these tricks just right, they will be conversation starters for years to come. It all starts with finding the right devices so you can put the practice in. 

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