The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Buying Rolling Papers

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Buying Rolling Papers 

Rolling Papers: The Ultimate Buying Guide Video

Everything about your vaping or smoking experience can be customized. The vape flavor, the type of material, vape mods, pipes, bongs, you name it.

This doesn't stop with plain old joints either. There are some many types and brands of rolling papers to choose from it can be hard to choose.

You're in luck. We've made this ultimate guide to buying rolling papers so you'll know all the information the next time you need papers to roll one for a solo sesh or for a pass-it-around situation.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about buying rolling papers.


Perhaps the most important feature of your rolling paper is the size. There are five standard sizes that you can choose from.

While one size isn't better than another, each will have certain uses and applications when they'll work best. Let's go into some more detail about each size.


As the name suggests, "single" sized rolling papers are usually for rolling a joint that's for a single smoker. Single wide papers are perfect for rolling perfect, tight, small joints that are great for a solo sesh.

However, they can be hard to roll because of their small size, so beginner rollers beware.

1 1/4 inch

This is a popular size rolling paper for a reason. They're a bit easier to roll compared to single side papers and are perfect for both solo smoke sessions or for small groups (max three people).

Joints you roll with this size paper won't be as tight and small as ones you roll with single wide papers; the size will be more similar to a cigarette.

1 1/2 inch

Looking for a slightly bigger joint that isn't quite blunt-size? Then you should go for 1 1/2 inch papers.

1 1/2 inch papers will roll joints that are a bit fatter than cigarettes, but not as fat as blunts are. This is perfect if you want to take longer/stronger hits alone or if you add a third/fourth person to your smoke circle.


Double wide papers are tricky. Sure, they'll allow you to pack in more weed than the smaller sizes, but the larger paper size means, well, more paper. This could result in a very paper-y joint, which no one wants.

A plus to double wide papers is that they're great for beginners. Not so much because they can pack in more weed (which isn't necessarily great for beginner smokers), but because the extra paper makes it a bit easier when you're learning how to roll.

King Size

Having a party? Want to smoke with a larger group of up to five or six? Then you'll want to go for king size papers.

These will make fat spliffs that can be passed around easily without having to sacrifice hits. Everyone will get great hits with these king size joints made from king size papers.


The thickness of papers is also something to consider. Thinner papers, like extra fine or lightweight, will allow more air into the joint which will cause it to burn slowly compared to thicker papers.

Thicker paper will hold the light easier, meaning it will keep burning even when you're not taking a hit.

Thickness doesn't really matter in terms of quality; it's a personal preference. Try out a few different thicknesses to get a feel for which matches your smoking style.


The material used to make the paper can have a huge effect on not only taste and quality of the smoke, but also on your health.

Papers are most commonly made from rice, hemp, wood pulp, and flax. Certain brands and material types are made to be "slow-burning" while others come pre-rolled for those of us who are feeling lazy.

You can even find gold rolling papers if you're feeling bougie and have money to burn (literally).

Some papers are loaded with extra chemicals like chlorine, bleach, and additives. This can affect the taste and give you more of a burn while you're smoking. This isn't a hard no for everyone, though; some people don't mind the burn.

Some people argue that organic rice and hemp papers are "healthier" since they're made without pesticides or added chemicals. However, these types can sometimes be more expensive.

In the end, the material type you choose will depend on your priorities and your personal preferences.

Flavored Rolling Papers

Nothing is worse than having the perfect joint ruined by a bleach tasting paper. This problem can be solved with flavored rolling papers.

Flavors aren't for everybody, and we're sure that some weed purists are scoffing right now. But the fact is, some of these flavors are really great.

Vapers aren't the only ones that get the cool flavors anymore. Maui Mango, Grape Ape, and Root Beer are just a few of the top-selling flavored rolling papers that you can choose from.

Where to Buy Rolling Papers

Now that you know all the specifics on buying rolling papers, it's time to make your first purchase. While you can buy rolling papers at almost any smoke shop, we recommend looking online.

Online shopping for rolling papers will give you a much wider variety than you can find at most stores. You'll be able to choose from various brands, sizes, materials, and flavors.

We have a wide selection of rolling papers for you to choose from at lower prices. Online shopping also allows you to read reviews from previous buyers so you can get the scoop on the product before you buy it.

Buying Rolling Papers: The Ultimate Guide

So, you've decided to roll a joint. What seems like a simple choice can actually become overwhelming if you don't have all the information on how to choose rolling paper.

Hopefully this article made the world of buying rolling papers a bit easier to understand. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

You can also check out our blog for more info on papers, vapes, joints, and everything in between.

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