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Vape Like This, Not That: The Top Vaping Mistakes You Need to Avoid

You've read a lot about the vaping community over the past few years, and you've decided that now is the time to give vaping a try for yourself. 

You've read a little bit on how to vape, you've watched videos of awesome vape trick compilations, and you've even hit up a couple of vape message boards to get your feet wet. 

But before you buy your first vaping device or try out your very first e-juice, you need to read this post. 

In it, we'll tell you the golden rules of vaping 101. 

Follow these steps to not only stay safe while you vape, but also to ensure that you have the best possible experience when you're vaping for the first few months. 

research your vape

1. Not Researching Your Options and Educating Yourself First

Especially when you're new to all things vaping, you have a tendency to jump right in without doing the proper research first. 

In fact, you're so excited to try out any many different vaping devices and e-juice flavors as possible, that you end up overloading on low-quality products that taste absolutely awful and break after just a few uses. 

In some cases, you may even end up choosing vaping mods (like sub ohm devices) that are simply too advanced for vaping newbies. In addition to being seriously frustrated by the fact that you can't figure out your mod, you're also risking your safety by messing around with a device that you really don't know how to operate. 

If you don't use the correct battery device for a sub ohm vaping device, for example, you could end up frying your vaping device or even worse, causing your device to explode.

Without properly educating yourself about how to vape, you can put yourself in danger.

A major part of vaping 101 is to slow down and begin with a vape starter kit, and then to buy a sample pack of tons of different e-juice flavors so that you don't waste money on vape juice that doesn't agree with your taste buds. 

Often, going this route will actually end up saving you much more money than you would have spent replacing or even just throwing out poor-quality products. 

These kits are made specifically for beginners and may even be disposable. Non-disposable kits often have a single button operation, protection against low resistance, low voltage, and short-circuiting, and will contain charging devices/cables and an instruction manual. 

You need to pick the right device to learn on so that you'll feel confident and be safe while learning.

using e-cigs

2. Vaping Like You're Smoking

While it's certainly true that many people have used vaping to help them successfully quit smoking or drastically lowering their overall intake, this vape guide wants to make sure that you understand that you don't use a vaping device in the same way that you'd smoke a cigarette. 

Lots of beginners try to vape in short, fast puffs as they do when smoking a cigarette.

But when vaping, you need to pull in slowly and evenly on your device. If you continue to take short puffs, you won't be able to create the big vape clouds that make vaping so awesome -- and you may even end up getting a bit of the vape juice in your mouth! 

When you're using a vaping device, you can choose between a mouth to lung hit, which means that you keep your vape in your mouth for a while after you pull in and then inhale it into your lungs; or a direct lung hit, which is best for cloud chasers who don't care as much about the flavor. 

mixing e-juice flavors

3. Mixing Vape Flavors

Often, you're so anxious to switch out another e-juice flavor that you don't take the time to clean out your tank before you add a new flavor. 

This means that you end up mixing flavors -- and that you won't enjoy the taste of two wildly contrasting flavors blended together. It's not only nasty, but it's also a serious waste of money. 

So: always clean out your tank before you put in any new e-juice. 

If you just don't feel like cleaning out your tank every time that you want to try out a new flavor, then we suggest that you go with pod system devices (the most well-known of which is likely JUUL.) 

Pod systems let you replace the pod entirely every time that you switch to a new flavor, which makes the whole process much easier and more convenient. 

Refillable pods make it easy to keep flavors separate, and each one usually contains organic cotton to make sure you get the most flavor possible.

Especially if you're a beginner, we strongly recommend that you give pod vaping systems a try.

juul compatible

4. Using Incompatible Pods in Vaping Devices

Especially if you've decided that pod vaping is the right move for you, then you definitely want to ensure that you're only using pods that are compatible with the specific device you're using. 

For example, if you decide to vape with a JUUL, then make sure that you use only a JUUL pod in the system. If you try to make something else work, you risk ruining your device, wasting your cash, and even put yourself in harm's way. 

You should also avoid putting e-juice into empty pods, as this makes it much more likely that your device will leak.

nic salt levels

5. Not Considering the Nicotine Level

Another important part of mastering vaping for beginners -- and one that you need to take especially seriously -- is the nicotine level in the vape juice you choose. 

If you're using vaping to quit smoking (or to reduce the amount you smoke) then you will likely need to start with a higher amount of nicotine. But if you've never smoked cigarettes or used another nicotine product before (or if you only do once in a while) then you may end up buying a level of nicotine that is way too high than what you're used to. 

This will make you feel a bit funny, and will completely overpower any flavor that you're trying. 

Make sure that you carefully read the nicotine level on any vape juice you're thinking of buying, and lower the amount of nicotine in your e-juice about once every two weeks to taper off the stuff for good.

changing vape coils

6. Forgetting to Change/Care for Coils

If you're not using a disposable vape pen, another golden rule of vaping 101 is to make sure that you change your vape coils often enough. 

Usually, you should change your coil about once every week or once every two weeks, depending on how often you vape. If you fail to clean your coils often enough, then you'll definitely notice a change for the worse in your flavor and even the size of the clouds you can create. 

First, take the wick out of the coils, and take the atomizer out of the mod. Using lukewarm water and a specialized coil cleaning tool (if the gunk is seriously bad, use a bit of dishwashing detergent.)

Rinse thoroughly, and let them dry completely before you put them back in your device.

storing your vape

7. Not Considering Storage

The last thing we hope that you take away from this beginner vape guide? 

Resist the temptation to store your vape pen or mod in your pocket. 


Because there's a pretty good chance that, throughout the day, your movement could accidentally turn on your device. Not only will this wear down the battery and the coils, but it's also a major safety risk. 

If your device stays overheated for long periods of time, then it may explode. If you want to take it on the road with you, then make sure you get a special case. Store the pen upright, and away from both water and direct sunlight.

vape 101

You've Mastered Vaping 101: What's Next? 

Now that you've read this vaping 101 post, you'll fool everyone into thinking you're an expert and avoid making the mistakes that instantly classify you as a newbie. 

So, where can you go to find beginner vape kits, pod systems and refillable pods, and epic mods and accessories once you're ready to take your vaping skills to the next level? 

That's where we come in. 

Our vape shop is packed with everything you need to become a vaping pro, from coils and vape tanks to chargers, vape pens, and much more. 

Browse through what we have to offer, and go with what speaks to you. We're also always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

We can't wait to welcome you to our vaping family. 

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