Yocan Loaded Coils 5pk


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Yocan Loaded Coils 5pk - Vape In The Box
Yocan Loaded Coils 5pk - Vape In The Box
Yocan Loaded Coils 5pk - Vape In The Box
Yocan Loaded Coils 5pk - Vape In The Box

About The Yocan Loaded Dual and Quad Coil 

The Yocan Loaded Quad Coil replacement atomizer coils are made only from high-quality components to ensure similarly high-quality results.  

The Yocan Loaded Quad Coil features four pure quartz rods wrapped in high-grade titanium to help you get the best results from the materials you put in. Our quad coil technology is designed and engineered for massive clouds and visible vapors. If you’re looking to get lung-ripping hits, then, the Yocan Loaded Quad Coil is your best choice. It’s best for cloud chasers who enjoy blowing massive clouds of vapors, the Yocan Loaded Quad Coil generates an ideal balance of vapor and flavor. It impressively maintains a decent level of flavor retention even though it immediately burns and vaporizes your select waxy oil concentrates.  



  • 510 Threaded  
  • High-Quality Quartz Rod 
  • High-Grade Titanium Coils 
  • Fast Heating 
  • Large Vapor Production  

Purity And Simplicity 

The Yocan Loaded Quad Coil features easy and straightforward assembly, its 510 threaded design allows for easy replacement and removal. The threads are made to last longer than the average 510 threaded atomizer coil and can withstand more demanding sessions and higher temperature levels without experiencing damage and without decreasing the overall integrity of the coils. Because of the high-quality quartz minerals, the Yocan Loaded Quad Coil easily maintains and preserves the quality of your materials.  

Enjoy all that your concentrates can offer with the Yocan Loaded Quad Coil. Because the Yocan Loaded Quad Coil can reach higher temperatures faster, it can extract the most valuable active ingredients found on your concentrates allowing you to experience the benefits of your materials quickly while providing you the pleasure of large and beefy clouds of vapor.  

Stock up on Yocan Loaded Quad Coil and never be without a coil for your Yocan Loaded Vaporizer.  


  • Yocan Loaded Quad Coils or Dual Coils