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Vape retailers are facing an interesting dilemma. While the vape industry is booming in 2019, the digital marketing vape businesses can use has been severely limited. Customers can find your products by searching Google, Bing and social media. However, paid ads are not always possible on mainstream Ad channels, unless you’re marketing on specific 3rd party websites or forums. When traditional PPC is out of the question, what’s a vaping company to do to spread the word?

Search Engine Optimization for Vaping, CBD, and e-Liquid (SEO) Serious online vape and e-liquid shops rely on eCommerce SEO to drive traffic and conversions. Since traditional PPC and marketing campaigns are out of the question, you can imagine how fierce the SEO competition is for vape related terms. Since vaping and e-liquid businesses are so unique, you need to find an SEO company that knows the ins and the outs of the vaping world. Typical SEO agencies spread their expertise thin across many industries. The last thing you want to spend your monthly marketing budget on is training your SEO company in the nuances, terminology, and facts about the vaping/e-juice market.

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