Frequently Asked Question about Vape Dropshipping

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Vape Dropshipping program at Vape in the Box.

Yes, we use an application called SyncLogic to manage the product listings from our online store to yours. There is a $19.99 application fee which is paid to the application directly from your Shopify account. There are no hidden fees.

Vape in the Box has over 400 individual variable products in the Vape Shop collections combined. You can sync to the entire online vape shop, or individual collections as needed.

Vape in the Box carries all the major e-cigarette brands like JUUL, Yocan, Smok, Suorin, VooPoo, LeafBuddi, and more. 

Vape in the Box does offer smoking supplies and accessories, but cannot provide access to products not suitable for retail online sales. (i.e. Bulk Rolling Papers and Rolling Wraps)

Shopify is not a requirement and we can dropship vaping products for you regardless of how your website is set up. While you won't be eligible for the Shopify integration, other methods of acquiring our product listings can be discussed on a case to case basis. (i.e. An excel formatted spreadsheet upload)

Yes, you can use our product descriptions and images that come included with the Shopify to Shopify catalog integration. However, if you would like to modify the descriptions in anyway you must turn off the syncing of this data in the settings of the APP. 

Yes and No. We do not offer volume discount for Dropshipping orders because of the nature of the service. We do have volume discounts for standard wholesale accounts. There is a $2,000 minimum order to receive volume discounts on your wholesale orders.

Vape in the Box has relationships with the three major shipping providers in the United States, UPS, FedEx, and the USPS with 1 day, 2-3 day, and standard shipping options. You can either offer customers free shipping and foot the bill or allow them to decide which shipping option they prefer and have them pay for it. 

Shipping fees are offered as negotiated rates on a per carrier basis and are calculated at checkout. If your customer orders USPS Priority Mail, you would place your order with Vape in the Box reflecting the same service and shipping speed.

Vape in the Box offers a standard 30 Day return policy for unopened, and unused, or defective items. 

No, there is no MAP pricing for the items offered in the Vape Dropshipping program at Vape in the Box. Feel free to adjust the price up or down depending on your needs. Note: Price sync settings must be turned OFF in order to modify the pricing for customers using the SyncLogic integration.

Yes, the order minimum is $1.00 or one item from online vape shop. As long as the order value is over $1.00

No, there are no hidden fees. You pay for the wholesale cost of the item at %50 of the listed price plus the shipping fees that you collect from your customer. Your profit is exactly %50 across the board. Note: Vape in the Box does not offer free shipping for Drop Shipping orders.

Yes, if you send stickers or other promotional material to include in your dropshipping orders we will accommodate you. Vape Dropshipping orders are blind shipped without any Vape in the Box branding.

Yes, Vape in the box can ship to almost anywhere in the world. However, in order for a package to clear customs outside the United States, the proper customs declarations and invoices must be sent with the packages. This may conflict with our policy on Blind Shipments for Vape Dropshipping orders.

All Vape Dropshipping products are shipped from our physical warehouse location: 1450 W 228th St # 11, Torrance, CA 90501

It's easy, you simply login to your wholesale account with Vape in the box, find the item(s) you need, and place the order with our online ordering system. The process is virtually the same as any other online shopping experience in 2019.