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V-12 Mini Twisty Glass Blunt


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V-12 Mini Twisty Glass Blunt - Hand Pipes - General Merchandise - Vape In The Box

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The Mini Goldenfish pipe, a portable mechanical metal pipe for dry herb / tobacco on the go. It can separate into 3 parts, is easy to load and clean.

How to use:

Fill the glass tube with ground herbs / tobacco , twist counter-clockwise to feed the chamber. Set a light to the gold end with holes, inhale and enjoy. Twist clockwise to ash and reload.

Key Features:

1. Ergonomically designed

2. Medical-grade titanium nitrite screw

3. Quartz Material

4. Infinity-cherry-everlasting glow

5. Recommended capacity 1 g

6. Fits a 14mm-15mm Glass pipe or Glass Water Pipe

7. No more need for papers

8. Reusable

9. Environmentally Friendly